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Aug 1, 2020

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We're going to go into a "how we built this" series and talk about our experience as high school students in a startup. Before we go into this, we wanna give an overview post so you can get to know our company more. 


Our high school school, like many others, has over 100 clubs that span a variety of different interests and activities. Despite this, many students are not active club members–not because they aren't interested in clubs, but because they don't know when events and meetings are happening. At the beginning of each semester, our school holds a club fair where each club is present and students are able to sign up for clubs. Other than this–and a convoluted document hidden in the depths of the school website–there aren't any other resources or ways for students to figure out when or where club meetings and events are. When we realized how prominent this issue was among students–not only at our school, but also in schools nearby–Clustr+ was born.

What is Clustr+?

Clustr+ is an IOS app which allows school clubs to create a page on the app where they can post updates and events that the rest of the student body can view. This app helps create more transparency within the school and allows everyone to have easy access to clubs.


Clustr+ allows club admins to create an account on the app where they can make a page for their club. On their club page, they will be able to post new events and updates for their club. On the member side of the app, students will be able to simply scroll through the various clubs. When they click on a certain club, the club page will appear, informing them of upcoming events and updates.


  1. Once we realized the issue that needed to be fixed, we brainstormed the different features that needed to be incorporated to allow people to have a good user experience. We then created wireframes to plan our the various pages that we wanted and used Photoshop to design each page.
  2. Because we settled on an IOS app, we all needed to learn Swift and how to use XCode. For a database to store our information, we decided on Firebase.
  3. When we developed our app, we created the different features we wanted using XCode and learned how to push and pull information from Firebase.
  4. Used TestFlight and had other students and club admin test out our app.
  5. Pushed Clustr+ to App Store!
  6. Now, we are working to create a website for Clustr+ and are planning on developing a web app for more accessibility to the app. Currently, we are also working to share our app to various schools!

If you think your school will benefit from Clustr+, please reach out to us via our email:

Check out our website for more information!

Clustr+ Team


The founding team of Clustr+. We're all just regular high schoolers. Clustr+ is an app that connects students to their school communities in the United States.

Founding Clustr+

How a bunch of high schoolers with minimal experience started a company from scratch! Welcome to our journey.

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